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APFID was founded to initiate and support collaborative research on infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. It was originally conceived as an official supporting system for international research activities by the ANSORP. From ANSORP activities, the process to establish APFID took place in three phases.

Establishment of ANSORP
This phase started with the organization of ANSORP as of January 1996 by Professor Jae-Hoon Song (Korea) and Asian investigators in 11 countries. ANSORP, Asia's first multinational collaborative study group for research on infectious diseases, has been carrying out multinational surveillance studies and related international activities since 1996.

Establishment of APFID
Based on successful collaboration for 4 years, ANSORP started to plan for developing the research foundation which could coordinate and support research activities more effectively with regard to planning, financial and administrative support, and communications. A permanent property of the foundation was endowed by unconditional grant from LG Chemical, Yuhan Corporation and Choongwae Pharma Corporation. The Governing Board of Trustees was composed of 8 members. A formal proposal to establish APFID was submitted to the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea in October 1999 and was approved as of December 8th, 1999.

APFID was officially launched as of January 6th, 2000 with the first Board meeting. APFID appointed members of the International Advisory Board to guide the operations by the foundation. APFID established ABB and IDRI in Seoul, Korea to promote the research activities in the region in 1999.

Establishment of ISAAR
Since 1997, ISAAR has been contributing to gather the relevant data and information on various issues of antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases with regard to the updated epidemiology, mechanism of resistance, new diagnostic methods, therapeutic strategies, and preventive measures. ISAAR became the most representative international meeting on infectious diseases and antimicrobial agents/resistance in the Asian Pacific region.
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