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[News from the Scientific Literature] Spread of Streptococcus suis sequence type 7, China
Date: 2008-08-04   Read: 98718

Ye C et al., EID 2008 May; 14(5):787-791

Streptococcus suis sequence type (ST) 7 has been spreading throughout China. To determine events associated with its emergence, we tested 114 isolates. In all 106 ST7 strains responsible for human outbreaks and sporadic infections, the tetracycline-resistance gene, tetM, was detected on the conjugative transposon Tn916. Horizontal transmission of tetM is suspected.


According to this study, S. suis ST7 was responsible for 2 large outbreaks and sporadic infections in China. It was found that S. suis has recently acquired the tetracycline resistance gene, tetM, associated with the conjugative transposon Tn916 and horizontal transfer of Tn916 with the tetM gene played a central role in the evolution of the epidemic S. suis ST7 clone. The outbreak of S. suis ST7 might be caused by the widespread use of tetracycline in swine feed in China, which could provide the selective pressure for clone amplification and spreading, suggesting necessity of prevention of the indiscriminate use of antimicrobial drugs in animal feed.

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