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World Health Assembly : Antibiotic resistance - a threat to global health security APFID
The Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly was held on May 20-28, 2013 in Geneva, as officials from 194 Member States have begun their annual review of the activities of WHO and set new priorities for the future. The Health Assembly has discussed specific health topics like non-communicable diseases, universal health coverage, women and children’s health, as well as the program budget, administration, reform and management matters of WHO.

During the World Health Assembly, the United Kingdom and Sweden co-hosted a World Health Assembly lunchtime event on 21 May 2013 to consider ‘Antibiotic resistance - a threat to global health security’. The event aimed to consider the risks we face and the challenges we need to overcome; and to share learning about what is being done at a national and global level to address the issue and to discuss what needs to happen next. At this lunchtime event, APFID and ANSORP’s efforts and experiences to control and prevent antimicrobial resistance in the Asian region since 1996 were introduced and shared with the Member States.
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