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APEC Expert Forum on international campaign to control AMR in Asia APFID
APFID has been collaborating with the APEC to set up the future strategies to control and prevent antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the Asia-Pacific region since 2010. The first APEC project in 2010-2011 entitled “International initiatives to control AMR in the Asia-Pacific region” was successfully performed by developing the first international strategic action plans to control and prevent AMR in the Asian region. Among the strategic action plans to control AMR from this project, the most basic and essential strategy is to increase the awareness of AMR and promote appropriate use of antibiotics through educational and campaign activities. Therefore, the second APEC project in 2012-2013 was the “International campaign program to control antimicrobial resistance in the Asia-Pacific”.

For the second APEC project, APEC Expert Forum on international campaign program to control AMR was held in Seoul, Korea on Nov. 9, 2013. Based on the valuable opinions and recommendations received during the forum, we will develop strategies of Campaign 4 and launch the campaign from the end of this year in collaboration with APEC and WHO Western Pacific region. We hope that we can contribute to the control and prevention of AMR in the region through this campaign.
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