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ANSORP & APFID’s activities in 2014 APFID
We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the ANSORP members for their contribution and present some selected activities of ANSORP and APFID performed in 2014.

  • Feb 23-24 : APEC HWG meeting was held in Ningbo, China and APEC project entitled “Enhancing health security in APEC-International campaign program to control AMR in the AP region”which was successfully completed with the development of “Campaign 4” was presented at the meeting.

  • Mar 18-19 : WHO technical consultation meeting on global AMR surveillance was held in Geneva, Switzerland. On behalf of ANSORP, Dr. So Hyun Kim attended the meeting and has been participating in the AMR surveillance working group since the meeting.

  • Apr 30 : WHO’s first “Global Report on AMR surveillance” was released. ANSORP contributed this WHO report by providing ANSORP surveillance study data which represent the current status of AMR in the Asian region.

  •  Aug 12-15 : The 4th APEC High-Level Meeting on Health and Economyand APEC HWG meeting were held in Beijing, China. Dr. Jae-HoonSong was invited as a speaker and panelist for the session on AMR and healthcare-associated infections and discussed the capacity building efforts to design/implement/report AMR surveillance.  Also, new project entitled “Enhancing health security in APEC-implementation of international campaign program to control AMR” was approved as a self-funded APEC project at the APEC HWG meeting.

  • Oct 1 : The WHO released the first draft of the “Global action plan on AMR”. ANSORP also contributes to WHO global action plan on AMR. Dr. Jae-HoonSong and Dr. VisanuThamlikitkul(Thailand) are participating the AMR-STAG members.

  •  Nov 7 : “The APEC guideline to tackle AMR in the AP region”,which was prepared by APFID in collaboration with countries in the APEC region based on the results of the serial APEC projects performed since 2010, was published.


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